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Intuitive Eating for Christians with Char-Lee Cassel, RD – The Fed and Fearless Podcast Episode 30

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Intuitive eating is a hot concept in the health and wellness industries right now. And as a woman of faith, I know that there is value in cultivating discipline and honoring the body God has given you. So is intuitive eating possible for Christian women? Char-Lee Cassel, who is a faith-based registered dietitian, joins me to shed light on this topic.



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How to eat intuitively from a Christian perspective

Char-Lee Cassel is a registered dietitian nutritionist who focuses on intuitive eating from a Christian perspective. She uses a Biblical model of health and wellness to guide women back to eating and moving in the way God created them. Char-Lee realized that she couldn’t be an entrepreneur and help women with their diet and nutrition without embracing and sharing the Word.

Char-Lee and I agree that without understanding God’s word, intuitive eating, and eating for health in general, falls flat. God gives us all a purpose, and our bodies are here to help us walk out that purpose. By treating our bodies with respect, we are honoring them the way God intended.

While some people in the wellness industry might think that intuitive eating isn’t the healthiest way to eat, Char-Lee explains why it’s actually aligned with Christian values of body stewardship. She encourages us to listen to the needs of our bodies and to fill them with healthy and enjoyment foods. When we eat well and treat our bodies with love and kindness, we are taking care of our own spiritual temples.

We also talk about how spiritual fasting can intersect with intuitive eating. Given that many women approach intuitive eating from a past of disordered eating, this can be tough. But Char-Lee explains that so long as someone is far enough along in their eating disorder recovery, undertaking a spiritual fast can work even in the context of intuitive eating.

We also talk about other ways to participate in a spiritual fast that don’t involve food. Fasting should be a regular part of your spiritual practice, as the purpose is to make you more mindful of how you connect with God and what earthly idols you might be creating.

Finally, Char-Lee talks about why diet culture attracts so many Christian women. Diet culture as a whole can be toxic and takes us away from our relationship with God. This is another reason why she advocates about intuitive eating, as it’s more in line with Christian values.

Have you participated in a spiritual fast before? How can you align your eating habits with your Christian values? Let me know in the comments below!


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  • How intuitive eating rules fall flat without the Word
  • Why intuitive eating is aligned with Christian values
  • Where spiritual fasting intersects with intuitive eating
  • Why you’re not in control of the outcome of the way you eat
  • Why women are attracted to diet culture



“Being attuned to the Holy Spirit is a huge part of being attuned to your body and being able to make decisions that honor your tastebuds, your preferences, and also your physical health.” (10:49)

“I think that fasting is really important. But I don’t think that it has to be food. I think it can be food, though, even if you are an intuitive eater.” (24:19)

“We try not to deny our hunger. We try to honor our hunger. I believe that God gave us hunger signals for a reason, he wants us to fuel ourselves to be able to do his work. But spiritual fasting is a biblical principle. It’s something that we’re called to do. I think if your heart is right and you’re removed from diet culture, I don’t see that there’s anything wrong with that as an intuitive eater.” (36:14)



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