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Episode 4: Recommendations for SIBO and “Paleo” Alcohol Choices

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Thanks for joining us for our fourth episode of The Ancestral RDs podcast!  This is definitely a longer episode today, so buckle up and get ready for nearly an hour of Ancestral RD goodness! If you want to keep up with our podcasts, subscribe in iTunes and never miss an episode!

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Here’s what Laura and Kelsey will be discussing in this episode:

  1. Are there any special instructions for the getting started with a Paleo diet for someone with SIBO?
  2. What are the most “Paleo” alcohol choices I can drink? (36:40)

Links Discussed:

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  1. Wow what an awesome podcast about SIBO! Thank you both so much for all the info! What is the best test you recommend for testing for SIBO? I want to go ahead and order a test, and if tested positive, I’d love to work with one of you to resolve it. Thanks again, I’m loving your podcasts!

  2. This was an outstanding podcast! I learned more treating SIBO with food and nutrients from this 1 podcast than I’ve learned from all the others combined.

    I’d love to have a transcript of this podcasts (and all the others, too). If you don’t have a transcriptionist, I’d be happy to do that on a part-time basis. As a paleo-oriented personal chef and nutrition educator, I’d be getting as much as I’d be giving. If you’re interested, contact me at h e a d s h e r p a a t p a l e o s h e r p a d o t c o m.

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  4. Absolutely love all the info about SIBO, thank you so much!! And I’m going to vegas soon, and planning to party a little bit. So this is perfect timing!

  5. I have one question! I have SIBO and have been knocking it back considerably with herbal antibiotics, a low FODMAP approach, presscript assist probiotics, and general lifestyle stuff of course. I have also found waiting about 5-6 hours between meals has been so incredibly helpful. I’ve heard Siebecker talk about the importance of this since it stimulates your migrating motor complex. Anyway, I did experiment with eating raw garlic for its antibacterial properties but about 2 minutes after I ate one chopped up clove I had to lay down because I was so nauseous and light headed! Do you know what this could indicate? Those symptoms weren’t like my FODMAP symptoms either, because I usually get gas and bloating from eating too much broccoli, onions, etc. Thanks so much for your help!

    1. Could be a die-off reaction. Try reducing the amount you take (i.e. half a clove) and drink lots of water to help flush out any toxins that get released when the bacteria or yeast are being eliminated.

    1. Jennifer,

      If you have a friend with an internet connection, ask that person to download the podcast from iTunes. You can load it onto any MP3-compatible playback device from iTunes or the folder that contains the podcast file.

  6. So basically, you can’t eat anything except meat.
    If you eliminate FODMAPs which is almost all the veg and eliminate starchy vegetables you have meat and condiments left to eat for a few weeks/months.
    That is VERY hard to follow.
    To the forbidden list of veggies I would also add nightshades (especially eggplant and bell peppers) which destroy my stomach for at least a month every time I eat them.
    But I want to share my sister’s story. She had an unexplicable acid reflux episode which lasted for 4 months. She thought she was dying because she couldn’t eat anything and lost a lot of weight (she was already thin). We still don’t know what caused it but suspect it was a LES spasm due to supplements (antiparasitic) taken on an empty stomach (as was directed) for a few weeks. What followed was 4 months of hell culminating in her not being able to talk and even difficulty in breathing due to the debilitating cough caused by esophagus being burnt by acid 24/7.
    She went to a doctor of course who prescribed PPI. Apart from her digestion coming to a halt to add to her horrible acid reflux, nothing changed. She tried MMS (sodium chlorite) for 1 week to kill bacteria she suspected she had. It didn’t work. Then she went on a vegetable juice fast for 5 days. It made the situation MUCH worse. She tried eating nothing but veggies and meat, but it only exacerbated her reflux. She went on bone broth. Not only did it not solve the problem but it was so heavy on her stomach that it would sit there for hours like lead (probably due to high mineral content) and not digest at all. She tried taking powerful enzymes, DGL, apple cider vinegar, N-Acetyl Cysteine. Nothing worked. She was losing hope when she stumbled on a book called Fast Tract Digestion for heartburn. That book was a life saver. The author explained how fermentable carbs could cause acid reflux in the presence of bacterial overgrowth. 2 days on a new diet of Jasmin rice and meat and she was cured. Her acid reflux never returned since. (her attack was 2 years ago) Jasmin rice is the least fermentable of all carbs (has mostly amylopectin, and very low amylose content) so it gets absorbed directly in the small intestine leaving nothing for bacteria to eat.
    I’ve had the same experience. The only difference is that she suffered this attack once in her life and my condition was chronic. Now whenever I have acid reflux and indigestion attack (brought on by dairy or nightshades) ALL veggies (except a little bit of carrots) are the first to completely eliminate from my diet even though they are my favourite food. It stands to reason that when you have bacterial overgrowth you shouldn’t eat food that only bacteria can digest by fermentation (aka pretty much all veggies). I reintroduce them slowly after a week of eating rice and meat. It works.
    I had yeast overgrowth about a year ago when I ate underbaked sourdough spelt bread. It was very bad. I had to stay on rice and meat for 2 weeks after that. Initially symptoms would vanish after one day on rice and meat but whenever I would try to reintroduce some veggies (even mild ones like spinach) I would get indigestion and acid straight away. So I had to go back to eating rice and meat.
    For those who suffer from chronic indigestion and acid reflux please try this approach to treat flare ups, provided you can eat rice of course.