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Follow Jesus Not Diets With Erin Todd – The Fed And Fearless Podcast Episode 21

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“Follow Jesus, not diets!” That’s the advice of Erin Todd, the Ginger in Progress, who joins me today to talk about how intuitive eating can help you feel closer in your relationship with God.



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ditching diet culture

Erin had a long history of dieting and restrictive eating that led to a number of health problems. She was told by doctors she was intolerant to an incredible amount of foods and had to try elimination diets. It was at this point when she heard the Holy Spirit urge her to investigate intuitive eating.

Erin believes that society’s obsession with dieting is akin to idolatry. When you’re so focused on, worshipping, and devoting your life to something like dieting, you’re not connecting with God the way you need to in order to feel at home in your own skin.

By rejecting that obsessive diet mentality, you can actually embrace and strengthen your identity in Christ. Take the extra time to worship, pray, and repent for the time you spent straying from God. 

At the same time, we both believe that your health and fitness journey can be an extension of your relationship with God. By treating your body well, you are keeping your image of God healthy and capable of greater service. It’s when your health and fitness routine turns into an obsession that your heart can stray.

Erin explains what the difference between healthy and unhealthy discipline is, and how when you have healthy discipline, you can feel closer to God. This belief is in line with some of the reasons Erin follows an intuitive approach to eating, where she eats what and when her body tells her to. Erin describes the feelings she had when she quit dieting for good as incredible and freeing.

Are you ready to let go of your dieting obsession to walk closer to God? Let me know in the comments below! 


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  • How dieting can cause health issues
  • What the relationship between dieting and idolatry is
  • How rejecting the diet mentality can help you embrace your identity in Christ
  • How your approach to health and fitness can be an extension of your relationship with God
  • What the difference between healthy and unhealthy discipline is
  • How intuitive eating can help you feel closer to God’s guidance
  • What it feels like when you stop dieting



“As soon as I did the leap of faith into intuitive eating and surrendered all of the dieting idols, I could eat all the foods I was ‘intolerant of’ immediately.” (10:51)

“We all just want a clear cut, quick-fix answer of ‘what do I have to do to be healthy?’, but it doesn’t work like that! You have to ask, not just what’s right for you, but what’s right for you in this season of life? And let the Spirit lead you in that. Because what’s right for you is not necessarily what’s right for me.” (27:15)

“God created our bodies, it’s a good design, He knows what He’s doing. It’s safe to listen to our bodies. I feel like diet culture disconnects you from your body and tells you to not trust your body.” (35:34)



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