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Healing From Amenorrhea with Kelly Pourciau – The Fed and Fearless Podcast Episode 20

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Hypothalamic amenorrhea is a condition where pre-menopausal women don’t get their period for at least 3 consecutive months. My Get Your Period Back team member and RD-to-be Kelly Pourciau joins me to talk about how she healed her amenorrhea and had her babies naturally. The most amazing part? She was able to do this after not having her period for 16 years!



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Kelly shares her story, from not having her period for 16 years to almost adopting an infant, to getting naturally pregnant after her church community prayed for her. And while Kelly knows God influenced her pregnancy, she did take matters into her own hands to help heal herself, too. Starting with diet and lifestyle changes that helped her eventually get her period back.

Kelly believes that her type-A personality and perfectionism played a part in how she dealt with, and maybe even contributed to, her amenorrhea over the years. It was only when she decided to put her full faith in God that her symptoms eased and she became pregnant. Kelly also explains how she views the challenges that God set her and how she has grown and evolved as a person because of them.

Your body can actually recover your period pretty quickly when you start doing the right things. We see this over and over again with the women in my Get Your Period Back Program. Yes, even if you haven’t had your period for 16 years, it’s possible to get it back!

Lastly, Kelly and I talk about the relationship between food, diet, exercise, mental health, and faith. We believe the balance between everything is vital to long-term health and well-being.

Do you get a regular period? How long has it been since your last period? Would you describe yourself as a perfectionist? Let me know in the comments below! 


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  • What the four main domains of amenorrhea are
  • What diet changes you can make to help get your period back
  • How your relationship with God can impact your perfectionism
  • How God can use your challenge to help you grow and evolve
  • How quickly you can get your period back when you do the right things
  • What the relationship between food, mental health, and God is



“Sometimes you just have to look into yourself and realize that it’s not something you can blame on autoimmune disease or whatever, there’s something I need to stare at myself and with God and wrestle through to find the root of the issues.” (25:58)

“The point is that we can’t make this assumption that we are in control of our bodies because we’re not. And I think that desire to be in control actually leads to a lot of the problematic behaviors that actually do affect our health and our quality of life.” (41:53)

“If I can have both of my kids, have my fertility, and have my bone health, I absolutely believe, if you’re listening to this and you have amenorrhea and you’re wondering if it can happen to you, that yes. It can.” (45:29)



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