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Gut Health Mistakes With Bridgitte Carroll, RD – The Fed and Fearless Podcast Episode 75

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Despite what your doctors may tell you, having chronic gut symptoms is not normal. There are numerous explanations for gut issues, but you can’t address them without getting the right information. Today’s guest, Bridgitte Carroll, RD, has some great advice for how to go about this so that you don’t need to accept your digestive distress as a normality.



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About Bridgitte Carroll, RD

Although Bridgitte felt like absolute crap and knew her health was off, doctors still commended her on how healthy she was. She was on thyroid, ADHD, and migraine medication all at the same time. She was overweight and had to take Miralax to go to the bathroom. She was the healthiest eater she knew but she was exhausted, on a bunch of meds, and felt horrible.

Her doctors didn’t have the answers. She didn’t have the tools to heal herself. But she was sick of constantly feeling “off”, and she was ready for a change.

That led Bridgitte to immerse herself in years of functional medicine training while surrounding herself with the leaders in the field. After working with hundreds of clients, she now has answers about how to heal your gut and how to live an amazingly healthy life.

Getting the Right Information to Heal

The cornerstone of Bridgitte’s approach centers on teaching her patients that they deserve to feel well. With a functional medicine approach, we are able to take control of our own health and find the answers we seek.

When presented with a dead-end diagnosis, Bridgitte goes on a fact-finding mission. Tests and lab work are a big part of this. Once the root of the cause has been discovered, you can actually treat the cause of the problem, not just its symptoms.


Building a Team for Better Gut Health

Because everyone’s body is different, Bridgitte stresses the importance of looking at the body as a complex and interrelated system. There are no cookie-cutter solutions. A good practitioner needs to consider everything and tailor it to the individual. 

That’s why it’s crucial to find a practitioner that you feel good using. Just because they’re knowledgeable does not mean they’re necessarily right for you. You’re building a team whose mission is to get your health on track. Make sure you find the right team members for your journey.

What is the most important quality for you in a good practitioner? Leave a comment below! 


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  • Discovering the power of functional medicine to address gut health issues [4:00]
  • Turning to new approaches when doctors dismiss your symptoms [7:32]
  • Common mistakes women make when healing from IBS [11:20]
  • The importance of finding the right practitioner for you [23:50]
  • How a life without gut discomfort leads to new possibilities [35:10]



“Most dietitians aren’t trained in functional medicine. So this is a way, not only that I could help heal myself, but could help my clients way more. Instead of just focusing on the foods, we’re focusing on the whole body and getting to the root of their unbalances.” [6:00]

“If you’re working with a GI doc or a dietitian and they’re not listening to you – they’re not listening to the experience in your body and doing everything in their power to try to figure out what’s going on – then it’s time to switch. If you don’t leave that appointment feeling empowered and heard, find a new practitioner.” [24:24]

“You get to decide how you want to feel. There are solutions for you. You just have to find that right practitioner and the right fit.” [35:00]



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