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How To Fix Your Mindset For Sustainable Weight Loss with Liz DeJulius – The Fed and Fearless Podcast Episode 76

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Of all the factors that come into play when sustainably losing weight, mindset may be the most important. Many weight loss strategies don’t work because we try to fit habits into our lives that don’t align with our identities. Today’s guest helps women address their mindset around their identities to help better create needed changes for healthy eating and sustainable weight loss.



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About Liz DeJulius

Liz DeJulius is a functional medicine registered dietitian nutritionist and mindful eating expert. Liz teaches women how to live in the middle of extreme dieting methods and total body negligence to achieve weight and health goals in a sustainable way.

The biggest mistake she saw was clients following restrictive diets that took more away from them than it relieved. Liz uses the science of functional nutrition with the art of mindful eating to help her clients lose weight, live confidently, and learn to love food again.

Addressing Emotional and Subconscious Beliefs Around Food

One problem with many diet plans is that they don’t consider the mental and emotional relationship we have with food. Too often this leads to disordered eating and the formation of negative associations with food. That’s why Liz centers her approach on helping her patients lose weight while still enjoying their food.

This means getting in touch with our subconscious beliefs. Doing so gets to the root of how we think, talk to ourselves, and our emotions. By changing how you think and addressing your unaddressed beliefs, you can start to change your health habits in a sustainable way.


Building a Sustainable Mindset Concerning Food and Habits

Part of the shift in mindset comes from focusing on the process rather than the outcome. Instead of merely fixating on how many pounds you want to lose, focusing on improving your relationship with food leads to more feelings of success. Liz describes how she helps women set goals around continuous improvement instead of some arbitrary finish line. This approach leads to sustainability and more feelings of success than the traditional approach to weight-loss. 

The key to this is promoting healthy and sustainable habits. Liz explains how she works with her patients to build and sustain habits around food and lifestyle so that their goals of improvement become achievable. This means frequent reevaluation and the tracking of behavior. It’s not easy, but with the right mindset, true and constant progress can be made.

What habits can you foster to build a better relationship with food? Leave a comment below! 


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  • How Liz developed her passion for helping women lose weight while maintaining a healthy relationship with food  [4:00]
  • Why losing weight continues to be a struggle for many women [8:34]
  • Common identity issues that inhibit healthy eating and dieting [15:55]
  • Signs that mindset needs to be addressed when trying to reach a weight-loss goal [28:00]
  • How to enjoy food in a healthy way [30:50]
  • The types of behaviors we should focus on to change our habits [39:00]
  • Tips and tools for tracking your habits and goals [43:08]



“I really don’t think that you can use any tool without addressing your relationship with food or your relationship with your body, no matter if it’s the right tool for you or not.” [10:11]

“First of all, you are in control and by bringing more awareness to food and your body, you might realize that during an uncomfortable emotion, whether that’s boredom or loneliness or stress from work, what’s going to be the most productive way of managing that emotion. Most of the time, it’s not food.” [29:53]

“If you feel like your habits have so much resistance and you feel like you’re exerting all your energy every day and food is just taking up the most mental real estate in your head, you should try to make it a little bit smaller and think about where you fall in those extremes.” [49:48]



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