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Hearing God’s Voice In Eating Disorder Recovery with Brittany Braswell, RD – The Fed and Fearless Podcast Episode 63

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Sadly, many women of faith struggle with disordered eating and an unhealthy mindset around food and their body. These women are often getting their messages about their bodies from the wrong place or are dealing with spiritual battles surrounding those beliefs around food. Today, I talk with a registered dietitian nutritionist who will help you get the perspective you may need to start to take action on overcoming these negative beliefs and healing from disordered eating.



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About Brittany Braswell, RD

Brittany Braswell is a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist (RDN) who has a passion for helping women of all ages discover their God-given worth and value.  She believes that a person’s identity cannot be based on their appearance or abilities, but can only be found in the Lord.

Brittany strives to make each of her clients know that their voice is being heard and that it matters. She is passionate about serving her clients and helping them establish a healthy relationship with food and their body in order to improve their quality of life and walk free and fearlessly in their purpose.


The Role of Faith in Knowing Your Worth

Of course, it is still possible to get results in eating disorder recovery without a faith-based element. However, both Brittany and I have found that bringing faith into the process allows for more drastic and lasting results. This means reinforcing the idea that worth does not come from society. Instead, your worth is something God-given that no person – or diet – can give or take away.


Listening to the Right Voices

Brittany helps her clients recognize where the negative voices they hear come from and differentiates them from God’s voice and their own. When self-talk revolves around guilt, condemnation, rushed decisions, and obsessions, you should try to recognize these as voices to reject. Listen for encouragement, reassurance, clarity, and anything to build confidence and a sense of calm. Honing in on these positive internal voices is a crucial step in regaining your control and addressing disordered eating.

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  • How Brittany became a dietitian who supports people with eating disorders [4:20]
  • What happens when faith becomes part of the recovery process [8:28]
  • How to recognize an eating disorder[12:05]
  • The distinction between the voices you hear concerning eating [17:00]
  • The role of emotions in regaining control over eating [33:33]
  • Strategies to grow in your ability to listen to God’s voice [37:20]



“Once you really know your true worth and value and where it comes from – that it’s not based on your body-weight or your health or your shape – there’s that much more freedom you can experience.” [10:14]

“Food has no morals. It doesn’t have the ability to make a choice. It can’t make a decision. It’s an inanimate object. So eating the food doesn’t make it good or bad and eating the food doesn’t make you good or bad.” [13:34]

“Feelings or emotions are indicators, not dictators. You have to take your emotions into consideration when you are making a decision, but they cannot be the sole factor in your decision-making process.” [34:20]



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