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Hormone Healing Solutions with Kaely McDevitt, RD – The Fed and Fearless Podcast Episode 64

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As women, it’s empowering to have an understanding of our hormones. They influence us in as many ways as we can influence them. Yet it’s a complex topic that we are still learning more about every day. That’s why I’m so excited to welcome today’s guest, Kaely McDevitt, RD, who sheds important light on how we can live in better harmony with our hormones.



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About Kaely McDevitt, RD

Kaely is a Registered Dietitian who helps her clients personalize their nutrition for optimal health and hormones. Kaely runs a virtual private practice specializing in women’s health and is a co-creator of the online women’s health course and community, Her Hormones Academy. She is energized by helping women take back power over their health and wellbeing.


Hormones as an Indicator of Your Health

Although many things affect our hormones, Kaely explains why they are often not the source of the problems themselves. Instead, they’re how your body communicates that something else is wrong. From irregular cycles and heavily symptomatic periods to acne and brain fog, your hormones are often trying to tell you something deeper.

Too often, we get caught up in a lifestyle that leads to cycle irregularities. What and when you eat, your sleep patterns, levels of activity, and stress all have an impact. With the extreme nature of messaging around health, too many women push themselves too far. This sends unsafe signals to the brain that naturally manifest in hormonal imbalances.


Retaking Control of Your Health and Hormones

In order to retake control over hormonal health, Kaely describes several actionable steps. First of all, she stresses the importance of getting enough to eat every day. Getting the proper exercise is also crucial, particularly strength-training as well as restorative movement. It all comes down to doing the right thing in the right amounts. 

Many clinicians rely on lab tests to help guide their recommendations. While there is a huge value to many of these tests, Kaely cautions us about getting carried away. More important than any test is taking control over the foundations of your health. Once that is in order, substantial change to your hormone health can truly take place.

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  • Kaely’s journey to help other women navigate their way through hormone complications [3:38]
  • Why many women believe that their hormones are their biggest issue [9:50]
  • Common hormonal symptoms that suggest something else is wrong [12:25]
  • Actionable steps to taking control of hormonal health [22:10]
  • How dietitians can best use labs to support their clients [36:00]
  • The one thing that everyone should do improve their hormone balance [44:00]



“Your hormones are your dashboard warning lights. They’re not the root of what’s going on but they’re usually what’s letting you know what’s causing some of the symptoms that you notice.” [10:21]

“We’ve got so many things that can move the needle so dramatically that are oftentimes so straight-forward and oftentimes free to implement. You gotta start general first and then get specific if the need is there.” [34:59]

“Knowing how to map out where you are in your cycle so that when you do have symptoms you can see where in your cycle that it’s falling gives you so much insight into what might be out of balance for you.” [45:12]



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