What Mastitis Taught Me About Online Business – The Fed and Fearless Podcast Episode 156

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If you’ve had mastitis before, you know how terrible it can be. If you haven’t, there are some things you might want to do to avoid it if you’re ever going to be breastfeeding. 

But this episode isn’t about mastitis itself. Instead, I want to talk about what it taught me about running an online business. It really is an example of how there’s always something to be gleaned from any experience, good or bad.



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The Value of a Niche

The first lesson that I learned from all this was how valuable it is to work within a niche. When I was lying in bed dealing with the symptoms of mastitis, I was desperate for a solution. So I bought a course all about healing from mastitis. 

This got me to realize that having very specific expertise that solves a very specific problem places you in a position where people will be willing to buy from you with less effort on your part.

Often, we want to stay broad with what we offer clients. But this experience drove home the importance of having something specific that you solve and clients are ready to buy.


Getting Out of Your Business So It Can Grow

The second lesson I learned was that I need to structure my business so that it can run smoothly without me. There was a lot that I wanted to get done the week that I was sick. A lot of it had to be put on hold. However, I am so thankful to my team who were able to get the time-sensitive aspects done without me. 

We have goals for our businesses. While I was sick, I realized that you can actually hold your own business back from hitting those goals when the unexpected occurs. Being able to build systems, delegate, and automate can help you avoid this pitfall.


The Importance of Your Village

Finally, I came to understand the importance of having people you can call on for help when the need arises. For me, that began with my husband and mother who were able to watch our baby when I wasn’t able. I believe that being able to rest when I needed to allowed me to heal faster and get back to work sooner than I might have otherwise.

Beyond this, there was also my online village of health experts. Many of them shared wonderful advice and resources that reminded me that we can all lend a helping hand, no matter how trivial it may seem. Finding solidarity and empathy makes a huge difference when faced with a challenge.

Where can you turn for support when you need it the most? Leave a comment below! 


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  • Laura’s experience with mastitis [1:40]
  • Finding a specific niche to help your clients [6:30]
  • Getting out of your business so it can grow [18:40]
  • The importance of having a village [33:30]



“I definitely noticed some things during this time, good and bad, that informed not only how I’m approaching my own business, but also how I’m coaching my clients who are growing their online health and nutrition businesses.” [6:07]

“This is really the ideal business model to have where you have such a specific problem that you solve and such a high pain-point problem that people will buy from you even if you just came across them minutes ago.” [9:30]

“It’s definitely been a crash course in surrender and adaptation in the last three months and I know it’s going to continue and get more challenging. But I think it’s a good challenge.” [33:06]

“The time that I spend cultivating relationships is so important at those times that I need somebody to literally be there in person for me.” [37:14]



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