Courageously Defending Your Nutrition Beliefs with Annette Presley, RD – The Fed and Fearless Podcast Episode 155

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Are you standing up for what you believe when it comes to nutrition, wellness, and health? I know that many health entrepreneurs are nervous to stray from what they learned in school or the recommendations of their professional organizations. However, in order to best help our clients, we may sometimes need to go an unorthodox route. Today’s guest is here to discuss how to move past this fear so that we can be of the most service to those who need us.



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About Annette Presley

Annette Presley is a registered dietitian of over 30 years, certified Functional Nutritionist, certified Theta Healer, author, speaker, and creator of the REVIVE Method.

After discovering that the diet advice she’d learned as a dietitian was contributing to chronic disease, Annette changed course to learn about Functional Nutrition and Nutrigenomics (how nutrition impacts genetic expression), and the Root Cause Protocol. Now Annette helps women get to the root of their health issues so they can stop feeling like crap and get their life and their joy back.


The Art of Asking Questions and Finding Answers

In this episode, Annette describes how early in her career she was called out for teaching what was at the time counter to established practice. Time has since vindicated her beliefs and she learned a lesson about the importance of maintaining her sense of professional integrity. 

Through all this, Annette has come to understand that science is the art of questioning everything. Look into things. Trust your instincts, but verify them. Most of all, Annette wants us to be fearless in the face of potential criticism from those toeing the line of established practice.


How Being an Entrepreneur Helps Us Chart Our Own Path

One example of Annette’s unorthodox practice and beliefs centers on iodine. Although past animal studies have shown a link between iodine intake and hypothyroidism, Annette saw that the study’s conclusions did not match the study’s data. Exploring the issue further, she found that iodine can actually have numerous health benefits. 

This leads us to the advantage of being an entrepreneur in the health space. We have the freedom to chart our own path – to research what interests us and apply the results for the benefit of our clients. This goes beyond just making money. It’s about really helping people.

Have you ever found yourself questioning accepted beliefs in your field? Tell me about it in the comments below! 


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  • Lessons Annette learned about staying true to her beliefs [5:00]
  • Why skepticism is an integral part of science [13:20]
  • Dealing with the criticism that may come with following your conscience [20:10]
  • How examining beliefs around the health impacts of iodine indicates the importance of questioning established practices [33:30]
  • The freedoms that come with being a health entrepreneur [45:00]



“I didn’t care what the truth was, I just wanted to make sure that what I was teaching was the truth.” [12:25]

“Science is all about asking questions and challenging answers. If we can’t do that, then it’s a religion, not science.” [13:46]

“I believe the truth is such that it is perfectly fine answering questions and debating. It’s when we don’t have the truth that we want to shut everything down. The truth can overcome a lie but a lie can never overcome the truth.” [36:53]



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