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How Molly Learned How To Rest So Her Body Could Heal- The Fed and Fearless Podcast Episode 12

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From obsessive over-exerciser to a woman with a more balanced approach to her health and nutrition, 20-year-old Molly joins me to talk about why she joined Fed and Fearless, what changes she’s experienced, and why you should take control of your health by joining a group coaching program.



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ABOUT molly

When Molly was growing up, she had an active interest in health and fitness. But it soon turned obsessive; early food sensitivities led Molly to restrictive “clean” eating, missing social engagements to train, and not feeling like she accomplished anything unless she had a heavy workout.

Ultimately, Molly knew that she had to change. She knew that there was more to making the changes needed than a simple diet plan alone. Molly turned to God for answers but knew that she needed to take responsibility for her future. 

Molly shares why she made such a significant financial investment at 20 and chose to join the Fed and Fearless group coaching program. She knew she had to make a change to her mindset around health, which she needed professional support to achieve. She was also drawn to the faith-based approach we take in the program. 

Making long-term commitments to changing your health and breaking habits that have been built over a lifetime is not an easy feat. Molly explains how this journey has impacted her and shares the ups and downs she’s experienced along the way. She attributes much of her success to her participation in the Fed and Fearless group, knowing that there are other women out there experiencing similar health struggles as she was.

Do you feel like you have an unhealthy obsession with health and fitness? Do you need to make a change in the way you think about your health habits? Let us know on the comments on the episode page!


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  • How interest and passion for health and fitness can lead to an unhealthy obsession and health problems
  • How “eating clean” can actually be an unhealthy way to eat
  • How making a significant financial investment in getting help can help you see what really matters
  • What happens long-term when you make big life changes
  • Why you need to have a certain level of commitment and accountability in order to break obsessive habits
  • What the unexpected benefits of a group coaching program are
  • How reaching out for support and help could be the best thing you do for your life
  • Why you need to take responsibility to make changes in your life



“If I was going to truly heal it was going to be allowing God to intervene in the process.” (20:32)

“Challenging yourself to do what’s uncomfortable because you know it’s going to have so much value is why you have to keep going each day.” (26:41)

“It’s so much better when you open up to the community that’s around you and you’re not in this fight alone.” (51:35)



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Got a question you’d love to hear me answer on the show? Leave me a voice message here!

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