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Taking Aligned Action With Steph Gaudreau- The Fed and Fearless Podcast Episode 13

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Building a business online comes with a unique set of hurdles many coaches face, especially when it comes to sharing health and wellness advice. I’m joined by Steph Gaudreau, author of The Core 4, podcast host of Harder to Kill Radio, nutritional therapist, and founder of Stupid Easy Paleo, about navigating these waters with purpose, protecting your own health, and encouraging other women to live in alignment with their best health.



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Steph and I have a very similar approach when it comes to health, nutrition, and coaching. We believe in asking the right questions, guiding our clients, and encouraging them to ask themselves the hard questions. Because let’s face it, there’s a very fine line between disordered eating and eating for true, balanced health and wellness.

Losing weight is often a priority amongst our clients, but it’s usually not the first or only aspect you should focus on. If you want to lose weight, do it for yourself and your health, not for whatever expectations society has put on you. And ask yourself exactly why you want to lose weight, because your answer is actually so important.

There’s a certain power that comes with logging your food, calories, and macros, but it can have both positive and negative impacts on your health. For some, knowing how much they have to eat and eating to these targets is incredibly healthy and helps them make sure they’re eating enough or not overeating. Yet, for others, it’s too restrictive and controlling, and this is where disordered eating is born.

When you’re eating for your health and to improve certain aspects of your health and wellness, the scale might not move, and that’s perfectly okay. There are more important aspects of your health than what you weigh, and when you’re taking steps to improve your overall health, the scale should not be the be-all and end-all.

Steph and I both offer so much free health and wellness advice through our Facebook groups, YouTube channels, Instagram, Website, and more. But there does come a point where the free stuff doesn’t cut it anymore. It’s a hard decision, but what is it worth to be free of this thing that you’re struggling with or have this transformation that you’ve been unable to do yourself? Sometimes, it’s just time to invest in coaching.

Are you eating for your own health and wellness or society’s standards? Why do you want to lose weight? Have you, or do you, use a food tracker? Let us know in the comments below! 


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  • How you can move forward with your purpose while protecting your health
  • Where the balance between healthy and disordered eating is
  • Why you should lose weight for yourself and your health and not society’s expectations
  • Why you need to consider why you want to lose weight
  • How tracking your food, calories, and macros can be both a positive and negative tool 
  • Why the scale doesn’t have to move for you to improve your health
  • What the value of paying for coaching or nutritional help is



“Just because somebody is licensed or has education in a particular area does not guarantee their competence. We have to develop critical thinking.” (32:48)

“Whatever it is that you want to achieve, you always have to think of the energetic and the financial change. You may be able to do it yourself, but what’s it going to cost you in time?” (59:08)

“Information is an important piece of this thing that you want to achieve, but it’s really the action and application where you’re going to see the most results.” (59:37)

“I know it’s hard, I know you might need resources, but at some point, what is it worth to be free of this thing that you’re struggling with or have this transformation that you’ve been unable to do yourself?” (1:06:18)



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