Shifting your Subconscious for Growth and Healing With Allison Roman – The Fed and Fearless Podcast Episode 167

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How do your subconscious beliefs impact your physical health? Without deep introspection, it’s hard to know. But we are all affected by it. Today’s guest explains how to plumb the depths of our subconscious to learn what we need for full healing to take place.



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About Allison Roman

Allison is a Transformation Coach & Holistic Healing Practitioner who helps women get unstuck and release what’s holding them back from living their best life. By fusing subconscious reprogramming with practical lifestyle tools for empowered healing, Allison guides people to step into their power and create the life they desire.

She has been trained in numerous holistic methodologies and has been teaching and coaching in the wellness industry for over 15 years. You’ll find her work focuses on the intersection of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being for aligned and authentic living.


You Can Control Your Subconscious Beliefs for Better Health Results

Throughout this episode, Allison explains how and why our beliefs impact our health. Perhaps you’ve tried every regular solution to a chronic health issue and are still stuck. Maybe you’ve even recovered physically but still feel like there’s work left to do. If so, it’s time to look beyond the physical level. There may be emotional and mental root causes at play. 

Allison describes why what we believe is possible will be our experience. For instance, your beliefs about what is possible for your healing will affect how you view a diagnosis. Your level of optimism or pessimism will impact your results.

As practitioners, part of our job is to help our clients believe that they can get results. To do this, we need to understand where our client’s belief lies. What does healing mean to them? How do they perceive good health? This sometimes differs from conscious beliefs. Diving deep into this will be an important step for true change.


Taking Control of Your Beliefs and Your Healing Journey

Allison talks about examining and eliminating limiting beliefs to better align yourself with your goals. This is hard work. As she says, it keeps you humble. But it also builds up your emotional intelligence. Processing, feeling, and exploring emotions can allow you to use them for healing instead of staying in “victim mode”. 

The truth is, you are the expert of you. Sure, practitioners and doctors can give you their perspectives. But ultimately you need to trust your own judgment. 

Allison has some advice to help you better check into your beliefs and what your body is saying. This includes meditation, listening to your body, and examining the sources of emotions. Most of all, you need to believe that you will find the answer you seek, or it will remain elusive.

How might your subconscious beliefs be standing in the way of growth? Leave a comment below! 


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  • Why physical symptoms can be a reflection of our unconscious thoughts [5:45]
  • Signs that subconscious work is needed for further self-improvement [8:00]
  • How practitioners can help clients overcome the stigma of healing [14:30]
  • What deletion, distortion, and generalization are and how to recognize them [23:30]
  • What to do when your own judgment is in doubt [35:30]
  • How timeline therapy can be a powerful healing tool [51:00]



“It’s been so impactful, not only for my health, but it has deeply impacted all the other areas of my life. It’s really powerful stuff.” [5:02]

“We go through challenges. We go through transformation. Any time we are transforming or up-leveling in any way, we undoubtedly are going to have discomfort. Going to those deep dark places gets us to be the higher versions of ourselves.” [18:08]

“This is where it’s so important to work with someone one-on-one who is doing subconscious work because it’s below your conscious awareness. You don’t realize that it’s happening, that’s how the subconscious works.” [45:25]



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