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What Does It Mean To Be Fed And Fearless? – The Fed and Fearless Podcast Episode 1

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Being Fed and Fearless means that you’re taking control of your health and goals from the inside out. You’re listening to what your body needs and nurturing your soul. On this episode of Fed and Fearless, I’m explaining what the five things you should do to be fed and fearless.

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Food is important for your health, but I’d argue that it shouldn’t be the most important thing you focus on. And while it does come first in the steps to being fed and fearless, it’s only a part of our health puzzle. What you do need to know is that your body needs a certain amount of calories to be healthy. If we’re undereating, especially if we’re eating too few calories long-term, we can actually create our own health problems.

Eating healthy food isn’t about deprivation of the things you love, either. Every kind of food, unless you have a medically diagnosed intolerance to something, should have a place in your diet – even the occasional sweet treat. 

You should also find a workout plan that works for you. That does not mean killing yourself at the gym 7 days a week doing a workout that’s completely unsustainable – everyone needs to build in adequate rest days. Your workout might look like a half-hour walk every day, it really is whatever movement that makes you feel good. 

Self-care is also part of being fed and fearless. Taking time to look after your mental and emotional health, keeping your stress levels at bay. In particular, make sure you get at least 7 hours of sleep every night so your body feels refreshed. 

Practicing fearless self-love is also essential. Love yourself wholeheartedly and with abandon. And lastly, your life’s purpose should have a community focus at the heart of it. Something that builds, guides, grows, or connects with others.

Are you eating a sufficient amount of calories every day? Is there an exercise you love doing that leaves you feeling great? How many hours of sleep do you get each night?


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In This Episode

  • What the five steps of being Fed and Fearless are
  • Why food shouldn’t be the number one thing you’re focused on for your health, but it should be the first thing to think about
  • How you can create your own health problems by undereating
  • Why you should eat in a way that doesn’t restrict yourself from having the foods that you love
  • Why you need to build in adequate rest days when you’re training for your body goals
  • How prioritizing sleep will have a positive impact on your overall health goals
  • What it means to practice fearless self-love
  • Why you should have a purpose of building community at the heart of it



“A lot of people out there don’t need to be eating less for even a short period of time, and pretty much every single person on the planet shouldn’t be undereating for the rest of their lives.” (8:08)

“With training, there’s no one way of training that is necessary and there’s no one component of training that your body absolutely needs to function and survive.” (17:00)

“You don’t have to look in the mirror and think “oh my gosh, I’m so hot” every time you see yourself. If you do, awesome! If you like the way you look, great, there’s nothing wrong with that. But I don’t think that that should be the goal for everybody. I really think just being neutral about the way we look is a better goal. Because there’s going to be days when you don’t look your best and days you do and I want it to be a situation where you don’t change your self-image based on what you’re seeing in the mirror. So if you can be neutral about it, that’s a really great outcome.” (30:37)



Got a question you’d love to hear me answer on the show? Leave me a voice message here!

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