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In exercise, as in life, many women are trying to force themselves into a world designed by and for men. But our bodies and needs are different. There’s a natural cycle to our hormones and our energy. Today’s guest offers some great advice on how to recognize your natural rhythms and how to exercise in accordance with them.



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About Jenni Hulburt

Jenni Hulburt is a fitness coach, essential oil specialist, host of the WILD Wellness podcast, and creator of The Workout Without Burnout Blueprint

She has a Bachelor of Science and Masters degree in Exercise Science and Sport Psychology, and is also a Wellness Advocate with doTERRA, teaching people about essential oils for non-toxic living, natural health, and creating their own home apothecary with the power of plants.

Everything she offers is to help women live and sweat in sync with nature. She believes you can reach your goals without sacrificing your well-being, as you seek to embody what nature has always modeled — it’s not a sprint, but a cycle.

Deconstructing Workout Myths

First off, Jenni breaks down some common exercise myths that many women fall victim to. For instance, you don’t need to work out to the point of exhaustion every day. Instead, we should clue into the natural cycles of our lives so we know when it’s time to build and when it’s time to rest and recover. Also, although many of us exercise to manage stress, Jenni explains how it can have the opposite effect.


Finding Your Natural Rhythm

Jenni believes that the key to sustainable exercise is to do it in sync with nature. This requires being in tune with your own cyclical rhythm, be that your menstrual cycle, the seasons, or the phases of the moon. There are times to rest, build, push yourself, and pull back to recover. Jenni describes how to clue into your needs and adapt your actions to them. Doing so will allow you to build strength for the long run without subjecting yourself to the negative effects of burnout.

Since everyone is different, understanding your natural cycles will take some observation and introspection on your part. It’s important not to compare yourself to others. You may even feel different from one cycle to the next. But the more you learn to listen to what your body is telling you, the better you will get at finding your rhythm.

How can your natural cycles inform your workouts? Leave a comment below! 


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  • How Jenni built her passion for helping women overcome burnout [3:45]
  • Common myths about exercising that are out of alignment with women’s needs [7:15]
  • The dangers of using exercise as stress-relief [11:05]
  • How to sync your workouts to your natural cycles [17:35]
  • Staying true to your cycle and needs when working out with others [29:18]
  • How to adjust your workout to seasonal changes [40:08]



“There are certain times of the cycle when we are really primed to make gains. Whether that be in strength or endurance. And there are other times that may be more suited for maintenance and recovery. We really need both.” [9:28]

“Take those modifications that are offered, or just sit certain parts out if you need to and do something else. Take more rests or take more breaks. I know that can be a difficult thing to do if it’s a social situation because you look around and everyone else is doing something else, but it’s a good practice in and of itself for life in general.” [32:18]

“We can reach our goals without sacrificing our health along the way.” [46:53]

“We realize that we’re part of something that is not only within us but also that we can see it happening outside of us. I think that is such a guide for our wellbeing in so many ways.” [49:00]



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