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Happy Thursday, friend!

I thought for this Thursday update I would share a post that was popular on Instagram this week. Here’s what I wrote on that post:

I believe that ALL women have been created to make an impact.⠀

Whether that be raising children, pursuing a career, volunteering their skills, or simply being a great friend, we all have an important role to play in life. We are all valuable simply by nature of us having been created by a God that doesn’t make any mistakes. We all have been designed with an amazing purpose in mind.⠀

And yes, friend, this includes YOU.⠀

I get it. It’s hard to feel like your life has a purpose. Adulting can be exhausting. Laundry, paying bills, cleaning the house, all the drudgeries of life can start to wear on you.⠀

And comparing your life to others who appear more successful than you can make you feel like, what’s the point of even trying? Maybe you start to think “well their life has a purpose but mine sure doesn’t.”⠀

Your purpose doesn’t have to involve a paycheck with multiple zeros or an Instagram following with the letter “K” in it to have an impact on others’ lives.⠀

God created you at the exact right time, in the exact way He wanted to, to fulfill the purpose that He has for you. And maybe you just haven’t been paying close enough attention to what that purpose might be in order to truly pursue it.⠀

This scripture (Esther 4:14) is for me too. I’m in a weird stage in my life where I have big ideas of where I want my business to go. I’ve seen glimpses of the impact that God wants me to have on the women in my sphere of influence.⠀

And I also see how certain choices I’m making on a daily basis (out of fear or distrust or laziness) are holding me back from pursuing that purpose. I also struggle with listening to God rather than telling Him what I want Him to be doing with my life.⠀

But you and I are called higher. We women are created in the image of God and we have an important role to play in bringing His Kingdom to earth.⠀

Now’s the time for you to listen closely to the small voice that’s whispering your purpose to you, and to start taking action to make that purpose a reality.⠀

What can you do TODAY to start living on purpose? (Also, get the laundry done too, babe. 😉)

Does this post resonate with you? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

And now here’s the #FedForReal recipe of the week! 🙂

Fed For Real
Recipe of the week:

Blackberry Yogurt Pot

Organic full fat natural yogurt or kefir is nourishing and nutrient-dense food to include in your diet, if you tolerate dairy.

During fermentation, the added bacteria feed off the natural sugars, breaking down the lactose, to create a creamy and tangy, probiotic-rich product that has been a staple in many traditional diets.

It has an impressive nutrient profile, rich in protein, B-group vitamins and essential minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium.

Get more great macro balanced recipes like this – along with shopping guides and meal planning tips – in our 14 Day Calorie Challenge!

Blackberry Yogurt Pot

Prep time: 5 min / Total time: 5 minutes


1 serving =   410 calories, 18g fat, 24g protein, 43g carbs, 9g fiber


  • 5.2oz (150g) Organic natural unsweetened yogurt or Kefir, full fat, grass-fed if possible
    • Can also use a dairy-free yogurt if desired
  • 1 scoop Collagen protein (e.g. Vital Proteins) (2 scoops if using dairy-free yoghurt)
  • 0.5 cup Fresh Blackberries
  • 0.5 cup Gluten-free oats soaked in water overnight, strained
    • Can also use buckwheat groats if desired
  • .25 Tsp Vanilla extract (optional)
  • 10 Raw Hazelnuts, halved


  1. Scoop yogurt into a jar or bowl. Stir through collagen powder.
  2. Mash half the blackberries with the back of a fork and swirl through the yogurt.
  3. Stir through the soaked oats and vanilla extract.
  4. Top with hazelnuts and remaining blackberries.
  5. Enjoy!

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